Luna’s Vision to Establish a Global Presence: Online Courses, Coaching & In-Person Retreats

Hello Luna family, Ketu here AKA Courtney Thomas, co-owner of Luna Float Spa. In a previous blog earlier this year, Inmate to Enlightenment, I spoke about the use of specific technologies of consciousness that my wife and I utilized to bring Luna to our community in its full grandeur. These technologies have helped us grow tremendously since our acquisition July 2020, in the height of COVID-19.

As mentioned in that blog, we will begin offering Consciousness Advisory Coaching to the world to help deepen the understanding of consciousness and how it applies to practical life. We’ve decided to start with a course on the subject matter that will teach in depth not only about consciousness, but also of multiple technologies that you can utilize for the full development of human consciousness.

After gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits, you can then book a consciousness assessment with us to begin the implementation of such technologies so that you can have your own subjective experiences. Lastly, for those who would like to take full advantage of all the technologies learned about in the course, you could book a ten to twenty-three day Utopian Health Retreat at Luna to fully immerse yourself into an accelerated path in growth of consciousness and human potential. 

The course will launch in late November and assessments will begin in January 2023. So for the next couple of months leading up to the launch of the course, I’ve decided to release blog posts with an overview of all the technologies, a preview of what to expect from the course content. This blog content today is on the Introduction of Consciousness. This is an expansion of our orientation to personally experience the full reality and know the central importance of consciousness in all areas of our lives. It is giving us a new paradigm, that consciousness is all there is.

Introduction and Overview of Consciousness

There are gross planes of creation and subtle planes, but Pure Consciousness is even beyond those planes. It is the un-manifest nature of reality where all of creation springs from. We are all derived from consciousness and that is an un-manifest reality of our Being. This is the window in which we experience life. Without consciousness, we cannot dream, love, understand or know anything. Pure Consciousness is like the blueprint of creation, where all the information is contained in its virtual form. It is the basis of thinking and thinking is the basis of doing. This Pure Consciousness is omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time), omnipotent (unlimited power) and omniscient (knowing everything). It is the basis of all the laws of nature, which lies at the root of all creation and evolution. It is also the basis of all living.

Science has been used to understand how the world works, where it all comes from, and what’s the ultimate reality. It is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. We can observe through scientific experiments that consciousness actually is real in its effectiveness in producing results on the physical level. When you act on consciousness, you develop the whole physiology. It has been proven to create effects on the physical level and has the ability to transform individuals towards better life and society towards less conflict and problems. 

Science has been trying to dive into what the ultimate reality of what creation is. Is it physical, material, localized, or is it energy? Neuroscience has shown that the world is not really as our senses seem to tell us. The deeper science goes into the essence of reality it has discovered that everything is made ultimately of fields. Fields of energy that are more and more unified, but what we observe as atoms, molecules, cells. So all that we see on the outside is made of something more abstract; that is fields of energy. But what these fields are and where they come from, science has no clue. 

Probing back and looking into the origin of science, about 14 billion years ago there was a Big Bang (Word/Sound), followed by inflation, then the appearance of laws, then power and energy that fluctuated and interacted with each other, which appeared as particles that collected together and became atoms. The process continues to produce molecules, then our cells and tissues and organs, our organ system and here we are. Ultimately resulting in human beings with a nervous system that has the ability to experience and analyze the reality. 

John 1:1 –  In the beginning (of creation) was the Word,

and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 

So what about before the Big Bang, before manifestation? 

Before creation, there was the un-manifest nature, Pure Consciousness. There was nothing else but Pure Consciousness before creation, so it was conscious of itself. Consciousness wants to know itself completely and in all possible ways; this leads to manifestation. Why? Because it is wanting to be conscious in all possible ways. So it hides its own infinite nature, infinite vision, infinite potential, and forgets its true essential nature in order to know an experience from this perspective.

Prana/Life Force can be said to be the nature of Pure Consciousness, the motivating force of creation; it is the basic force of the mind. The mind is a wave of the ocean of Pure Consciousness. Pure Consciousness stimulated by its own nature, prana, appears as mind, as an ocean stimulated by the wind appears as a wave. Karma acts as the force of wind to produce a wave of the mind in the ocean of Pure Consciousness. So this is how we came to our human existence today. 

Genesis 1:27 – So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God

he created them; male and female he created them.

What is the central role of consciousness in our lives?

Knowledge is the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance. By knowing the ultimate truth of reality, we can understand our life and the conditions in which we are in existence. Understanding the meaning of life and the rules of the game. Why things unfold the way they do. Which laws of nature are there and how they govern reality. Which technologies we can use and from which field or aspect to best align with those laws. What’s beautiful is that there are technologies that help to develop consciousness.

As we widen our consciousness, we are able to see and act in accordance with more of these laws of nature. We become the masters of our destiny by aligning ourselves with the invincible power of natural law. This is how we can become anchored and settled in life and the ultimate reality.

Consciousness for human beings is a very personal and subjective experience. The central role is for self development, it is most profound and most important.

Knowledge itself is a technology of consciousness. By knowing more we open our awareness and understanding. We understand the rules of the game/ the laws of nature in creation. And we have specific procedures, technologies of consciousness that allow us to broaden our awareness and be able to fulfill all our needs and desires and live a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Its not enough to know things intellectually, you have to have your own subjective experience with something in order to make it your own. This way you know it, believe it and live it in your own truth. 

Technologies of Consciousness and Its Scientific Basis

These technologies and this knowledge is based on a very solid understanding that comes from ancient times, from traditions that have been given to us by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and that have been deeply studied and scientifically researched from different perspectives in modern times to show its efficacy. They are all evidence-based and have been supported by many angles and research studies that have been done.

This introduction of consciousness today is primarily for the growth, benefit, fulfillment and understanding about our place in the world, the universe. What’s the purpose of being here and how we can use it to make the best out of our time with friends and relations. For any new comers that may be interested, any seekers of truth and fullness of life and development of the full potential of their own reality, this knowledge is for you.

Happiness and fulfillment are a true possibility. This is possible if you are in tune with yourself and the laws of nature that govern our reality. You will discover yourself to be so much more than what you have considered yourself to be. This will all be realized on the level of your own consciousness. If you can expand your consciousness and awareness and truly get to know yourself as all things, you will experience yourself as that grand reality which is within you, gaining your full potential. 

I’ve been involved in the development of consciousness for quite some time. Now considered as an advanced practitioner of transcending and the field of consciousness. As a consciousness advisor I’m able to do this for others as well. I will act as a guide. I am known to be a path maker. This is my soul purpose! I go where few have gone. I make paths where there are no paths, so others can travel the path without the misunderstanding and pain I had to endure. 

Some of these aspects will be presented in a very simple way, from a starting point. And others that will lead us gradually as we go on to deeper understanding and greater expertise in one field or the other. We will engage in such a wonderful adventure of knowledge, understanding, growth and development. Ultimately, we will align with the untapped source of power that lies within, making full use of one’s own human potential. 

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, man has that strength that upholds the universe. The individual, by his every action, serves the universe. And the great power of nature is ready to serve the individual, if they influence the universe for the progression of the process of evolution. By its very existence, the creation is set in motion to go on and on through the steps of evolution. If the actions of the individual is in conformity with the purpose of creation, they serve the cosmic purpose of life and all the laws of nature.

Galatians 6:7 – Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

When an individual acts in accordance with the laws of nature, he improves and by doing so, he contributes to the betterment of the entire universe. On the other hand, whether knowingly or unknowingly he breaks natural law, he acts contrary to the process of evolution, and the laws of nature begin to react against him. The individual receives back the result of his wrong actions. If we think right, speak good and act truthfully, we will receive the support of all the laws of nature. This is the fair policy of Mother Nature. 

The unlimited Source of cosmic life energy is at our disposal. We only need to begin to use it. We only need to connect our individual mind with the cosmic mind, individual intelligence with cosmic intelligence. The technologies that I will be sharing with you throughout this series of blogs and in the upcoming course will allow you to make use of the unlimited and vast resources of nature that are always available to us. 

Keep an eye out for the upcoming blog in 2 weeks where we dive into Maharishi Science and its Technologies of Consciousness. Peace be with you all!