-Floating is an experience where you enter into a float tank (also called a sensory deprivation tank, or isolation tank), which is a well-engineered tub filled with 10 inches of water and 800-1000 pounds of Epsom salts. 

The tank is insulated to reduce light and sound, while simultaneously keeping the water heated to your skin temperature. When the water settles, you remain relaxed and still, allowing your body to float effortlessly while reducing stress and tension. 

– Our pods use a special combination of Micron Filtration, Ultra Violet Rays and Ozone Generators to keep the water crystal clear and safe enough to drink (minus the salt). Our powerful filtration system runs 3 complete cycles inbetween each float. Also, the high concentration of Epsom Salt makes it extremely sanitary and almost impossible for microorganisms to live. 

-Aside from an open mind, not much. We will provide towels, water, shampoo&conditioner and everything else you will need for your experience. If you would like, you can bring any post float items such as deodorant, hairbrush etc.. You will have a private room that locks from the inside to keep your belongings secure. 

– We recommend floating in the nude. If you are uncomfortable, you are welcome to bring a swimsuit. However, most people find it distracting from the experience. 

– Yes! It is not uncommon and some people actually prefer to sleep during their float. The water is extremely buoyant so you stay afloat. If you tend to shift positions in your sleep, the worst that can happen is salt water in your eyes. We will provide a wash cloth and freshwater spray bottle to get the sting out if that happens. 

– You will feel the benefits after just one float. However, the more you do it, the better it gets. The effects of floating can even last up to 3 weeks after your float! 

– Check out our pre-float checklist. There are a few things to keep in mind- Don’t shave or wax the day before or the day of your float as the salt can irritate your skin. Avoid caffeine for a few hours before you float to allow maximum relaxation. Try to eat a light meal an hour- an hour and a half before your float to avoid hunger grumbles. 

– Yes. Just use the same protocol you would for a swimming pool. 

– Yes! Floating has shown to benefit children as much as adults. If you would like your child to float, give us a call to go over requirements. 

– Our pods are built for one person. Floating is a very personal experience and can get distracting if there are multiple people in the same tank. We do encourage coming with a significant other or bringing a friend to share the amazing experience! Ask us about our packages. 

– No! You control the entire experience and may get out at anytime, yet we suggest you attempt to stay in to achieve the full effect of the experience. 

– Yes! Floating can be a magical experience for both mom and baby. Mom gets to rest in an environment similar to baby, and relieve some of the pressure of pregnancy. If you are at high risk or have concerns, contact your physician before floating. 

– Yes, however, we suggest only a light meal so the sound of digestion is not distracting. Also avoid caffeine as it may interfere with your ability to relax. 

– No! Although there is still debate among scientists on why humans get wrinkly, it has been found that in a high salt environment, the water leaves your skin smooth and silky. 

– No worries, there is only 10” of water in the float tank and the high concentration of Epsom salt allows everyone to float effortlessly. 

– Epsom Salt is not actually salt. It is a mineral compound of Magnesium and Sulfate. Magnesium in the body helps regulate activity of numerous enzymes helping muscle and nerve function, while reducing inflammation and preventing arteries from hardening. The sulfate flushes toxins and aids in absorption of nutrients. 

– Floating is often referred to as the art of doing nothing. Although some may find it hard to “turn off their mind”, you will feel the weight come off your body and your mind slip into relaxation. After your float, you may feel happy and energized or calm and relaxed.

What to know before you float

What to bring:

-Aside from an open mind, not much. We will provide towels, water, shampoo & conditioner and everything else you will need for your experience. If you would like, you can bring any post float items such as deodorant, hairbrush etc. You will have a private room that locks from the inside to keep your belongings secure.

Before you float:

Skip shaving – The Epsom salt in our pods can cause a distracting sensation on freshly shaven skin. It’s best if you skip shaving the day of your float but if necessary, we recommend that both women and men shave a minimum of 2-3 hours before your float.

Postpone the caffeine  Caffeine stimulates your body, and specifically your heart. To get the most out of your float, save the coffee for after your float so your body is able to slow down, detox and completely relax.

If you can, avoid smoking  Like coffee, cigarettes are stimulating and can disrupt the tranquility of your float. Try to avoid smoking right before your float.

Eat lightly  A heavy meal can leave you feeling full, and your body using energy for digestion. We recommend you try to eat a light balanced meal 90 minutes before your float so you don’t feel too hungry, but avoid heavy foods so your body is able to relax.

Restroom  Prior to entering the float pod, you will want to use one so that you don’t have to disturb your relaxation experience.

Shower time  When you are ready to begin your float, make sure you shower to remove oils or make up from your body. We ask that you do not use the conditioner until your post float shower. We will provide shampoo, body wash and conditioner.

Say what?  There will be earplugs provided to keep the salt out of your ears during your float if you choose to use them.  We suggest putting in the ear plugs before your shower, as they will stay in better.

All clean  After you shower, be sure to thoroughly dry your head so that you are not tempted to wipe your face once you are in the pod.  The salt water will sting if it gets in your eyes.  There will be a fresh water spray bottle and wash rag provided to clean salt away from your face in the pod.

During your float:

Dive in!  The pod is equipped with lights inside that you may turn off and on as you see fit. We suggest closing the lid and turning off the light once you are in the pod for the full relaxation experience. However, there is no wrong way to use the pod as long as you are comfortable. You may leave the door open and the light on if desired.

Take off!  Once in the pod, lay back and you will notice you begin to float effortlessly. Find a comfortable position that’s right for you. Music will play for the first ten minutes of your float to help you achieve a more relaxed state.

To the Moon!  To relax the mind and body, think of things that make you happy or focus on your heartbeat and breathing. Trust the water will hold you and allow your body to relax fully.

Landing  When your float is almost over, music will once again begin to softly play. Take a moment to gather your thoughts before stepping out to shower.

After your float:

While in the post-float shower, you may hear the pod pumps coming on to filter the water. At this time feel free to use conditioner or whatever shower products you see fit.