We wanted to introduce you to our latest venture where Courtney & Arielle Thomas, the owners of Luna Float Spa, have recently become Certified Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation® technique. We have started a local TM center in suite 208 behind the spa. Here all TM meditators can come together for community and knowledge, expanding on their experiences of this simple, natural technique, and meeting other TM meditators.

If you are interested in learning the TM technique yourself there are a few preliminary steps to get started.

1st | Watch the introductory talk by Bob Roth to learn more about the scientific research on the benefits of the TM practice: Watch the 18 min Intro Video

2nd | Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm MT on Zoom for the preparatory talk to understand the final steps of learning TM. Pick Your Date!

3rd | Stay online after the Wednesday webinar for a 5-minute interview to get to know you and your goals for learning.

Steps 4-7 | Your personal instruction day and course. To ensure the success of each student, the TM course is taught exclusively by Certified Teachers over four consecutive days (1.5 hours each). The first session of the TM course is always in-person, but the following three may be done either in person at the TM center or at home with interactive digital content and live video meetings with your TM teacher.

The next scheduled course weekend is March 15th-18th.

* If you decide to do your course fully in-person at the TM center then your personal instruction day is Friday, Mar. 15th with three group meetings Sat-Mon evenings. *

Why the TM technique? Meditation for better health.

The TM technique comes from the ancient Vedic tradition. After only being available to a select group of people, it was brought to America in the 1950s by TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He saw the value in the practice and wanted to introduce it to the world and to individuals living a life with the usual responsibilities and demands.

Maharishi inspired scientists to understand and measure the positive effects of TM practice in every area of life.

Over 700 studies have been published in top journals and universities, validating that practicing the TM technique results in significant improvements in mental and physical health. For example, these studies have shown that those who practice TM experience a decrease in high blood pressure and an improvement in heart health.

Numerous medical journals have published research on the benefits of the TM technique for stress and heart health including the American Heart Association and the National Institute of Health has granted $26M for this research. Even the Department of Defense has started to study how the TM practice improves symptoms of PTSD for soldiers who have returned home from war-torn areas. To learn more visit