Float With Luna but Correct Your Neck with Balance Chiropractic in Colorado Springs

As we are continually blessed to grow our services, clients, and family at Luna Float Spa, we often get asked about alternative types of treatments that may be helpful for optimizing our body’s ability to heal and to function at its best. There is no doubt that using our state-of-the-art float tanks, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and one-of-a-kind salt cave on a regular basis can have immense effects on stress, pain, and conscious expansion throughout your entire being, but believe it or not what allows our amazing technology to have long term effects happens to be something called your CNS or Central Nervous System. In this article we are going to highlight one of our wonderful community businesses. If you are looking for a chiropractor Colorado Springs, read about how our friends at Balance Chiropractic and their non-traditional approach to health might be helpful to you!

Most Chiropractors in Colorado Springs Focus On

When people think about going into a chiropractic office, they think of a minimal examination, a quick crack or two in the painful area, and back to their business as usual until the pain comes back a few days later. According to Dr. Max Pohl at Balance Chiropractic,
            “Most traditional chiropractors in Colorado Springs do a great job at obtaining their goals of short-term pain relief, increasing range of motion, and reducing muscle spasms. They usually do this by twisting, popping, and cracking the spine in the area that hurts, while mixing it with other therapies such as performing muscle massage, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound that can help the area of complaint.”

Dr. Max goes on to explain that many of his patients have tried this route and due to short term results for their more chronic issues such as vertigo, migraines, pinched nerves, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, Balance Chiropractic has been able to be a great help!

What Does Balance Chiropractic Do Differently?

Foundational Correction utilizing something called the NUCCA method is the focus of Dr. Max and his team of chiropractors. It can easily be explained as a system of precisely assessing misalignments within the upper neck, and gently correcting those misalignments without twisting, popping, or cracking the spine. You see the upper neck acts as the body’s foundation and much like a house’s foundation shifting it can obstruct the communication between the brain and body causing all sorts of issues.  The corrections performed at Balance are guided by 3-dimensional imaging using a Cone Beam CT machine, so there is zero guess work. Along with the imaging there are 3 other objective measurements team balance takes to make sure you are a good candidate and that they can help. One of our favorite things about Balance Chiropractic is how instead of quantifying a popping noise as a successful treatment, they retake your 3-dimensional imaging immediately after the first adjustment to make sure there is measurable progress in the right direction.

Why Should I See a Chiropractor That Focuses on the Upper Cervical Spine in Colorado Springs?

Dr. Max openly states that their form of adjustment isn’t right for everyone, however, for a specific subset of people, the results can be life changing. From our years of owning Luna Float Spa and hearing the stories of thousands of clients, there is no type of injury more dangerous than one to the upper neck and head. The danger associated with these injuries is because the brain controls everything and every signal that it sends to and from the body happens to go directly through your upper neck. Believe it or not the centers within your upper neck control things like posture, breathing, balance, coordination, digestion, along with blood flow to and from the brain. When the upper neck shifts it can either immediately or eventually have detrimental effects to your body and its healing capabilities. Think of trying to get work done in a community of people, all of whom speak different languages with no commonality in how to communicate? In the human body, if someone has sustained even a small head or neck injury over time it can slowly start to unplug the brain-body connection and eventually lead to symptoms (aka Secondary Conditions as Dr. Max calls them). Common secondary conditions that Balance helps with are things like migraines, chronic pain, vertigo, neck pain, pinched nerves, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and balance issues. Many of our amazing clients have reported great results with these symptoms and more from the services offered at Luna Float Spa, however, many people become frustrated by the endless other treatments needed, or ups and downs of seeing a traditional chiropractor for temporary relief. It is for this reason that Dr. Max and Balance Chiropractic offer a comprehensive solution for these Secondary Conditions and many more simply by assessing and correcting your brain-body connection.  

I’m Interested, How Do I Know If This Non-Traditional Chiropractic Can Help Me?

Fortunately, the process for working with Balance Chiropractic is very simple and streamlined. It all starts with a Complimentary Consultation with him or one of the other doctors to gain a thorough history of your health, main complaints, injuries that could have caused your issues and your goals for treatment. If the doctor believes you are a good candidate for Foundational Correction, the next step is your comprehensive examination where a series of objective measurements including thermography, EMG studies, 3d imaging and balance assessment is performed to locate your unique misalignment and your customized adjustment to correct it. After the data has been collected your doctor will perform a chiropractic report of findings which will compare your objective measurements to those that are considered normal and healthy. Immediately after your report of findings, get ready to receive your first adjustment and follow up imaging to track your progress right away!

If you have been feeling like you’re on a roller coaster of health with your traditional treatments, check out the doctors at Balance Chiropractic and see if they think you can be helped with their non-traditional methods of assessing and correcting spinal issues. Visit https://balancecolorado.com/ to set up your complimentary consultation and see if Foundational Correction is right for you!