Introduction to Maharishi Science and Technologies of Consciousness

What is Maharishi Science?

Maharishi Science comprises the total knowledge and experience of Natural Law in consciousness, which brings life in tune with the invincible laws of Nature. Maharishi is a title. Maha means great and Rishi is a term for an accomplished and enlightened person. A Rishi is typically known as a sage or seer, one who has discovered the eternal truths and deep levels of spiritual knowledge through periods of intense meditation. Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiments. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. 

Who is the man behind the TM movement?

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was a legendary Vedic Sage from India, known for developing and popularizing Transcendental Meditation, an ancient technology of consciousness. After earning a degree in physics in 1942, he spent time in the Himalayas and learned the Art of Living from his guru, Brahmananda Saraswati. In 1955, Maharishi began to introduce his Transcendental Meditation to India and the world, with his first global tour beginning in 1958. He taught the Transcendental Meditation technique to “more than five million people” and founded thousands of teaching centers and hundreds of colleges, universities and schools in several countries including India, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Some notable individuals of his teachings were The Beetles, Micheal Jackson, David Lynch, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, J-Lo, Oprah Winfrey and many more.

I was actually lead to Maharishi after first practicing the Oprah & Chopra 21-day meditations which lead me to the Chopra Center for a 10-day Perfect Health Retreat in Dec 2015. At the retreat I learned that Deepak learned from Maharishi and that there was a university in Iowa where I could also go to learn this same technologies of consciousness. Maharishi International University is where I graduated from with a BA in Ayurveda Wellness & Integrative Health; specializing in the development of consciousness and my wife also acquired her MBA in Sustainable Business. 

How my education developed into my career.

After only one year in attendance and practicing the TM Program, I felt ready to be of service to humanity and so we acquired Luna Float Spa then with the vision of transforming it into a fully Consciousness-Based Healthcare Center. Through the utilization of other technologies of consciousness that I will be sharing with you in future blogs and courses, we were able to take a business that hadn’t enjoyed a profitable business in 5yrs and we tripled revenues within the first 3 months, all in the height of the COVID pandemic (beginning July 15, 2020). We’ve been able to navigate through challenging times and acquire two more spaces to build the core of our services as well as raise awareness in the community and improve our reputation in the wellness fields. With this core work behind us, we now look to make this a global endeavor, adding courses, coaching and retreats that exceed even what we experienced at the Chopra Center. 

A list of the technologies that I will cover leading up to the course will be both preventative and therapeutic and will cover all areas of health. Environmental, Societal, Behavioral, Body and Mind. From the Cosmic levels of the environment down to the Quantum Mechanical levels and even transcending space and time by working on the level of the unified field, the level of Pure Consciousness.

These technologies include:

  • Jyotish & Yagya (Vedic Astrology)
  • Yogic Flying in Groups (Public Health and World Peace)
  • Sthapatya Veda (Vedic Architecture)
  • Vedic Organic Agriculture
  • Daily & Seasonal Routines
  • Ayurvedic Diet and Herbal Therapy
  • Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapy (Abhyanga & Marma)
  • Ayurvedic Purification Therapy (Panchakarma)
  • Yoga Therapy (Yoga Asanas & Pranayama)
  • Vedic Aromatherapy 
  • Light Therapy with Gems, Color Therapy
  • Sound and Music Therapy (Vedic Sound/Vibration & Gandharva Veda)
  • Model of Vedic Physiology (Discovery of Veda in Human Physiology)
  • Meditation Therapy (Transcendental Meditation & TM-Sidhi Program)

Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was able to develop his consciousness to its full potential. What came from that was unity with the invincible laws of nature and the realization of all the technologies of consciousness that an individual and societies can utilize to create heaven on Earth. Seeing this is the foundational technology for all the others, I’ll finish this blog by talking a bit about TM. 

What’s the hype? What is Transcendental Meditation?

Transcendental Meditation is the Art of Living, it is a technique of life. It is a very powerful technology of consciousness. It’s simple and natural, and actually effortless to practice. There are very significant benefits, both to individuals and to society. Benefits such as inner calm, energy and increased happiness. TM is practiced sitting comfortably with the eyes closed for 20 minutes in the morning and the afternoon. During the practice, the mind, which is normally overactive, settles down… to quieter and quieter levels of the thinking process. Until it goes beyond, or transcends even the finest levels of thinking. The mind comes to a state of inner silence, though wide awake in the state of Pure Consciousness; unbounded Awareness that can be found within each one of us.

It can be compared to a wave in the ocean, and it settles down until becoming the unbounded ocean of consciousness. Due to the mind and body functioning together, when the mind settles down, the body also settles down. Breathing becomes softer. The body deeply relaxes. From this deep state of rest , stress is dissolved. The mind is actually restfully alert, but the body is in the deepest state of rest then even the deepest part of sleep in the night. After 20 minutes of practice, we feel really refreshed. More wide awake. More creative. More energetic. A greater state of peace with the environment. TM is easy to learn and easy to practice.

More than 10 million have learned TM worldwide over the past 60 years and this means people from every culture and religion over 100 countries have learned TM. It’s taught the exact same way everywhere in the world by highly trained teachers. The teaching is given in seven steps to include two (2) Introductory lectures, a personal interview with the teacher, and four (4) days of personal instruction two hours per day. Afterwards, there is a follow up program of knowledge and personal checking of practice over the succeeding months. TM harnesses the natural tendencies of the mind to go towards more and more happiness. 

Sunshine Analogy

Let’s say the sun is shining through a glass of muddy water. Because the water is muddy it gives a muddy reflection of the sun. The quality of consciousness is like the quality of the reflection. If we purify the water, the reflection of the sun becomes clearer. When the water is completely purified then the reflection of the sun is very good. In this analogy the sun is compared to Pure Consciousness and the muddy water is our physiology, in particular our nervous system. The physiology is full of stresses and strains and therefore can only reflect a low level of creative intelligence. When the nervous system is refined and the brain in coherence, we can fully support higher states of consciousness.

To elaborate, in TM we sit comfortably, eyes closed and follow simple instructions that allow the mind to turn within. Motivated by the ever increasing charm of finer and finer levels of the thinking process, it flows inward spontaneously. Automatically it flows within until reaching the level of pure consciousness the source of thought within everyone. Again it’s a completely effortless process. Anyone that can think a thought can do this.

It’s quite unlike concentration. Whereas concentration fixes the mind on the outer form of an object, TM is a dynamic process carrying the mind inward to its source. It’s also not to be compared with contemplation. Contemplation for example is where the meaning of ideas are dwelt upon. It’s like swimming on the surface of the pond, whereas TM is like diving into the depths, taking the mind to the depths of the ocean of consciousness.

Yellow Cloth Analogy

To better understand TM and its accumulated benefits over time, I’d like to share the yellow cloth analogy. In order to dye a white cloth to be yellow the cloth is dipped into yellow dye and then hung out in the sun which fades the cloth. Then the cloth is dipped into the dye again and put into the sun again, but this time the cloth doesn’t fade quite as much. By repeating this process numerous times, finally the cloth becomes colorfast. The TM technique is like infusing Pure Consciousness into the mind, and activity is fading most but not all of that infusion. Through regular practice, the mind will eventually hold onto Pure Consciousness even while in activity.

Research Has Shown…

EEG studies show that there are completely different patterns from concentration meditation, contemplation meditation and the effortless transcending of TM which shows holistic and coherent brain functioning over the entirety of the brain. The beneficial results of TM have been scientifically documented over more than 50 years. There are eight (8) volumes of collected papers on TM and 678 scientific studies from almost 300 universities and research institutions in 31 countries. The results have been published in over 200 separate scientific journals. 

Those that have been practicing TM for some months are eligible to learn advanced techniques of TM. They are like fertilizers to enhance the speed of progress in our evolution of life that comes from experiencing pure consciousness within. There are 4 of these advanced techniques. After these, an even more advanced technology of consciousness can be learned, the TM-Sidhi program including Yogic Flying. This program allows the mind to project a thought from the level of pure consciousness. So that the thought that we have, engages the full power and intelligence of that level of ultimate reality. The thought is then supported by all the laws of nature. 

When practicing in a group, the practitioner generates a powerful influence of peace and harmony in the near and far environment. This is referred to as the field effect of consciousness; a key to world peace.

The brain functions holistically and this is the basis of the many benefits that it gives. And we will see that the unified field of consciousness, the unbounded ocean of consciousness within, experienced during TM, is the same unified field of natural law, discovered in quantum physics. In practicing TM, one is directly experiencing the universal basis of natural law responsible for the whole universe. This unified of consciousness is my own Self. Self Realization. I Am that I Am. It is the Self of everyone. This is the field where all possibilities open to life. A brilliant and bright future is available for everyone to enjoy for all generations to come!

“In essence, life is not a struggle. Humanity is not born to suffer, but to feel joyful. We are born of bliss, consciousness, wisdom and creativity. 

I have now explained to you the proven physiological, life-supporting benefits of Transcendental Meditation. It’s incredible what this one important technique can do. It is truly a gift and unique in todays society. It is my mission in life to help other individuals reach their full potential as human beings and Transcendental Meditation is simply the most effortless and effective way of achieving this goal!