Hello, everyone!

My name is Ana-Alycia and I come from the small mountain town of Taos, New Mexico. Taos, only 3.5 hours from here, is a place made up of vast beauty, creative artists and centuries-old traditions. Growing up in such a unique place gave me a deep thirst for knowledge and experience, driving my passion to travel. For me, traveling was a way to connect, share and experience life from a different perspective.

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel and live in the northeast coast of Brazil. Oceans away from my family, friends and really anyone who spoke English, I learned to step outside of my comfort zone, open my mind and soak up life from each person I met and every experience I had.

After leaving Brazil, I continued to pursue my education in the area of Psychology in Tampa, Florida. Like traveling, my background in Psychology allows me to look at life from different perspectives and allows me to continue to learn, share and grow.

I was introduced to floating by my husband, Morgan, when he took me on a “float date ”. From the very first time I tried it, Floating allowed me to reflect, open my mind and enjoy the silence. Throughout my life, I have learned that through sharing our unique experiences with others, an opportunity exists to impact not only one person but also, whoever is open to listening. I am thrilled to share this amazing experience and see how floating can benefit you! Aside from floating, I enjoy going on adventures and spending time with my amazing husband, Morgan, and our two beautiful daughters, Kinzley and Cora.

Ana-Alycia is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn