Hey, Colorado!

Hey, Colorado!

We are Morgan and Ana-Alycia. It’s been three years since we first conceived our dream of offering the healing therapy of a high-quality float spa in Colorado Springs. We are now honored and excited to announce that our dream has finally come to fruition.

So, it’s time to unwind from the daily grind. Regenerate. Experience the tranquil environment of Colorado’s newest and most innovative float spa.

You might be wondering, “So what IS a float spa, anyway?” 

Well, floating is an experience where you enter into a float tank (also called a sensory deprivation tank or isolation tank), which is a well-engineered tub filled with 10 inches of water and 800-1000 pounds of Epsom salts.

The tank is insulated to reduce light and sound, while simultaneously keeping the water heated to your skin temperature. When the water settles, you remain relaxed and still, allowing your body to float effortlessly while reducing stress and tension.

Now you know what it is…but you might still be thinking, “Okay, but how does it actually reduce stress and rejuvenate me?” 

Floating achieves these amazing results in many ways.

  1. Floating relieves the daily effects of gravity. It is estimated that 90% of our central nervous system is chronically occupied with dealing with the effects of gravity. These effects show up in achy joints, hunched backs, sagging stomachs, muscular tension, injuries and the other pains we commonly feel.

When you float in a zero gravity environment, your body is finally able to get the rest and relaxation it needs.

  1. Floating positively impacts the brain. Scientists have seen that when you float, your theta brain waves are activated. Theta brain waves are usually activated right before you fall asleep, so we often aren’t consciously aware of this elusive state. The theta state is associated with vivid memories, sudden insights, creative inspiration, and feelings of serenity.

Floating has been shown to continue increasing theta brain waves for up to three weeks AFTER you get out of the tank, all while increasing productivity and creativity.

  1. Floating also increases oxygen and endorphins, helps muscles recover more quickly, helps you get a better night’s sleep, and much more. 

The Road to Our Dream

Because we want you to catch our vision, we want to share our journey to Luna Float Spa. Earlier this year, we dropped everything and traveled out of state to support a dear family friend who had been in a serious accident. We did what we could, and the stress of the situation was intense. When we had a moment for self-care, our first instinct was to seek out the local float center, because we’d experienced the benefits of floating. It reminded us what a wonderful, life-enhancing resource floating is…and we knew we had to share this healing experience with others!

Truly, there’s nothing like an emergency to clarify your priorities and remind you that life is precious—too precious to wait around for some imagined “perfect time” to go for your dream. So we decided together to embark on our journey immediately.

As a family, our roots are in Taos, New Mexico, as well as the Cheyenne Canyon of Colorado Springs. We knew that a location in the beautiful mountains of Colorado was a must. With the help and support of our family and friends in Colorado Springs and Taos, we found the perfect site and everything fell into place.

With months of research, hard work and preparation, Luna Float Spa was born.

Our gorgeous state-of-the-art float pods are on their way. The interior design of our custom spa is set to begin within the week. We are thrilled to be so close to providing the community we love with this ultimate relaxation and de-stressing experience that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

It has been a long road, but it’s a wonderful journey. We are deeply passionate and committed to bringing you this scientifically proven, time-efficient method of unwinding and enhancing the connection between mind and body.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Luna Float Spa where you can rejuvenate, re-energize and luxuriate in the ultimate relaxation environment. Your bliss experience is almost here.

Luna Float Spa

Your ultimate escape from the daily grind

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